Monday, 29 January 2018

30 Minute Challenge Day - 1

Now I am not the fastest painter, or even the strongest but there's always a sense of pride in getting things done. Which is why I am setting myself a challenge, 30 minutes of painting 5 days a week. So much of my army is in states of part painted, undercoated or the grey of shame. Now I am taking part in a charity painting event (more details on that in the future) which is aimed at kicking our asses into getting us to a fully painted army and to raise money for a solid cause.

So setting aside 30 minutes a day is the task, now my weeks are damn full-on so I am to make sure I give myself this time to hobby, 30 minutes I feel is a good amount of time to not get burnt out by the chore of painting. As much as I love painting and seeing the end result, I just can't sit there for hours without switching off.

Alas here is the results of day 1. I got my first Blightlord terminator finished, and made some good progress upon my renegade commander, now I realised after finishing up there is a couple of touch ups needed for the terminator, but for the most part he is done and I am majorly happy with how he's come out.

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