Tuesday, 30 January 2018

30 Minute Challenge Day - 2

Following on from yesterday, I wanted to plough through the last parts of my Renegade Commander and then hit up another Blightlord, I really wasn't feeling it today as i'm bunged up with this damn flu going round along with running out of coffee. Alas though I powered through my slump and got some paint on some more dudes.
I'm stoked on how the Commander has come out, for my renegades i'm going down the route of them being grim but with no mutations, showing they're are still human but in the processes of following Papa Nurgle. Who in turn has blessed their devotion with the discolouration of their skin as his festering diseases start to kick in. 

The blightlord, I managed to get a lot of the base colours down, along with some of the washes. This model is one of my favourites from the kit, this fat fellows armour can't even hold him in, i'm excited to get this chap finished! I feel he's coming along nicely. 

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