Friday, 26 January 2018

New releases announced from LVO

So the GW hype train is just constantly gathering momentum, this month already has been a massive one, with the release of Nurgle daemons, then Custodes and the upcoming Thousand Sons. Now at one of the biggest tournaments, Games Workshop has dropped some massive announcements for Warhammer 40K.

First off, the next three new codices have been announced, T'au, Drukhari and Necrons are the next armies to get their shiny new codex. 

This is huge, I know a lot of the Xenos players in the community have been shouting and screaming at GW (sometimes not for the good) about being left in the dark whilst the Imperals and Chaos get all the love, but the wait is over for the most of them! T'au so far have had a rough time in 8th, losing pretty much what made them insanely good in 6th and 7th, and I am really interested in the Necron side of things, to see if they are back to being top tier mindless thugs. Speaking of Necrons, they've dropped a video showing off a new Cryptek. Which looks god damn amazing, keeping the style of the old one but pimping him right up, and finally in plastic. That finecast Cryptek was a just a straight up nightmare. 

They also dropped something I found very unexpected. A new class of Imperial Knight, however it's not like the current daddy version. Think of it more like that short friend you know and find cute. This thing does look adorable, do we need it though? Possibly, with the IK armoury (outside of Forge World) lacking it adds some more versatility to the army. I'm interested to see this kids stats and what it can do. 

I'm so pumped for this year already! It's like GW are just embracing what the fans want and throwing stuff at us that we didn't realise we needed. All aboard the hype train! 

Images and videos, courtesy of Games Workshop PLC.

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