Wednesday, 31 January 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 3

A new day, a new dawn, still the same damn illness! But the show must go on right? So anyway, got some more paint down today. But the big news which was dropped out of nowhere was by Forge World showing off Rogal Dorn, which I know a fair few Imperial Fists players have been waiting such a long time for. My first impressions of him was kinda like yeah he's cool but he's not WOW, but after a ponder of 5 or so minutes, rewatching the video and looking at the pictures, he doesn't need to look all fancy and dynamic, it's Rogal freakin' Dorn. As usual, FW has knocked it out the park with another of the Primarch series.

Anyway, following on from yesterday, I managed to get my second Blightlord finished, I wasn't far off finishing him yesterday but them rules are rules. It was only a few bits and then some minor details that I needed to polish off, and alas he is complete! I really like how the rust has come out on his weapons, i'm such a lazy painter and will try and find shortcuts wherever possible and GW I swear have catered to the likes of me when they released their first set of technical paints. Typhus Corrosion and Ryza Rust are possibly the 2 best paints ever be released, always comes out with a solid look.

I also had some spare time left to make a start on the squads champion, the detail on this guy, damn this is gonna be a time stealer. Alas I made a start on him, I wanted to do something special with the bug mutations on him, did a bit of Google searching for tips on painting iridescent beetle effect, most resulting in wet blending (which I suck at) or a finish that I didn't desire so I experimented on my own. 

Now it's really almost impossible to see in the picture, or even on a video the effect that has come about, his belly is a shiny purple, executed with a layer of Runefang Steel, then a layer of Naggaroth Night mixed with a thinner, the topped off with a layer of Waywatcher Green. This has given it a purple shell with that tint of green you see on the body of a fly. So stoked on how this came out! Can't wait to carry on with this guy.

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  1. I really like the top one he reminds me of the Unreleased Nurgle Terminator! Good job pal, I will be following you from now on!