Monday, 12 February 2018

30 Day Challenge Day 11 (and A Rather Late Day 10)

So i'm back after a great weekend away down in Gloucester for my best mans stag do, a great day of rugby, drinking and just fantastic company. Alas though I am back and the hobbying is back in full swing, so lets look at what I got done on Friday, and what I got done today

So this is a rather late one, I managed to get my 4th Blightlord down, this guy was just a straight up blast to paint and drew me ever closer to getting the squad finished, not really much to say but just enjoy!

And today, I managed to power through the final dude in this squad, i'm so happy to get this one finished. That means so far this year, I have painted 2 HQs and 2 squads, and mostly painted another HQ. It's way more than I thought I would get done this early on in the year. This army so far has been a blast to paint and I can't wait to see the progression over the coming months

Group photo! 

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