Wednesday, 7 February 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 8

THE END IS IN SIGHT! I'm so happy i'm almost through with these guys, they're coming out alright but the fact they're so close to being finished is the best thing. I do wish I had gotten them finished today, but time and patience with these guys ended up wearing thin. So lets dive into today progress.

Don't they look pretty? Of course not, speed rushing these guys just to get them out of the way, although now they're all but done, they are looking good as a unit. But still, I cannot stand these guys and what makes it even worse is the fact they have so much damn detail! For a cheaply costed model which is absolute waste of time on the tabletop they do have a ungodly amount of detail.

Anyway this is todays 30 minutes done, once these guys are finished I really think I need to crack out something more fun to get painted, and leave the 2nd squad of these to the back of the line! Thanks for reading, if you enjoy what you see then please follow, comment, check out my (in its infancy) YouTube channel.

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