Tuesday, 27 February 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 16

So guys, i'm back! After a nice week away from hobbying and time with the significant other, it's time get back into things, I would of been at it yesterday however I had to visit my new store before I went to work, i'm moving stores, which also means a payrise and a future (potential) promotion, score! And Andrew WKs new album is up online for streaming, could this week get any better?! Anyway lets get into what i've been up to today!

So no painting today, however I got some building done. Took a break from the Death Guard to get started on some Daemons. I picked up this nice haul last week and i'm excited to build a daemon contingent again (foolishly got rid of my Nurgle daemons years ago)

Now these two are the boys I got built, when Slimux first got released I laughed, I mocked him. He just looked like the GW team had just been watching 90s kids cartoons whist half cut and thought that would be a great idea for a miniature!

However finally getting hold of him and building him, God damn! He is such a nice kit. I can't wait to spend more time than it should painting him up, and one of the new Heralds, he again looked goofy as hell but i've been won over, apart from the fact he was a nightmare to build - a damn nice kit!

So that's todays update. I'm planning on getting the rest of Blightwar built this week and hopefully get some paint on the ol' snail.

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