Tuesday, 13 February 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 12

So after getting my Blightlords done, I wasn't sure what to get stuck into next. So I took to a couple of Facebook groups and polled it and each poll had a resounding winner. To finish off my Daemon Prince, now this guy has been sat with one coat of wash for years! I converted him up when I had a Daemons army, that army came and went but I couldn't let go of this guy, I just loved him so much I kept him just for my CSM army. And now i've got him done, he didn't take long to finish off (again, lazy painter, lazy techniques, great result!) So lets go have a look at the flyboy

He was a relatively simple conversion, a kitbash of spare Daemon Prince parts and a Plague Drone, greenstuffed some bits and volla! Now he did have an axe (which was proxied as a Mace of Contagion because that thing was just bare nuts) but in the wake of 8th and duel talons being disgustingly good, that axe had to go! So yeah, here is todays finished model! Which now takes my tally up to 5/14 units painted in my army list!

5 units in a month and a half is for me, phenomenal amount of work, I feel documenting my progress on here is helping keep up the speed of my work, I know not many people read my posts, if you do thank you very much, it means a lot! But at least I can look back over the year and just see my army progression take off!

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