Wednesday, 28 February 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 17

So it's been a snow day, literally every man and his dog has been going mental about frozen water falling from the sky. Having lived in Wales for 3 years the snow doesn't excite me in the slightest, in fact it scares me, as soon as it turns to ice I will end up on my arse! And now living in the North, snow is far worse than it is down in Plymouth. I digress, onto todays progress

Now it's been so damn cold (even with the heating on) I couldn't spray indoors and painting was gonna be an issue so I got some more building done!

I managed to get the rest of Blightwar built, and it was so cold that even the glue wasn't bonding properly! And the Plague Drones were an absolute ballache to build, only got 3 more of the buggers to go. It's not the progress I wanted today but alas it's progress at least.

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