Tuesday, 6 February 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 7

Today has been a less of a focus on getting paint down, it was more of a how I get paint down. More of an excuse on my part to get away with not getting much done (these damn Poxwalkers I tell you, I hate painting them). So I decided i'd throw up some more content on my new YouTube channel, doing a little tutorial on how I paint my bases.

So yeah not much done today, in the fact I got 3 bases painted. Yup, just three. I coped out today, I should of done more and tomorrow I will make up for the lack today. Anyway, here is what I got done today

And here is the tutorial video I got finished. Still getting to grips with the whole editing side of things, as you will see with subsequent videos the quality will increase as I go along, if anyone has any free video editing software that they know is solid/that you use drop a comment and hit me up with it!

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