Thursday, 8 February 2018

30 Minute Challenge - Day 9

So they’re done! At last I got my poxwalkers finished off, now I did cop out on these a bit, skimming over some of their detail. I might go back over then once my army is finished. However, speeding through them I had time to continue with something more enjoyable, Blightlord number 4! So onto today’s progress

As you can see, the festering squad has been finished, not to the best of my ability but good enough to look solid on the tabletop! As much as I didn’t enjoy painting these guys, I feel they came out pretty decent!

Now onto the blightlord, had a blast painting him already and he’s almost done! Got the majority of base colours done, I need to neaten his right shoulder up a fair bit but he’s almost at the wash and final detail stage! I’m happy I’ve almost finished this squad off, they’re gonna look solid all together.

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