Sunday, 4 February 2018

Super Bowl LII

So tonight's the night every football fan across the globe has been waiting for. The final game of the season, the big stage every team thought tooth and nail to aim to get to (sorry Cleveland, wrong perfect season) and now we are down to the final 2.

But my God, what an awful final two. Don't get me wrong the Eagles have done incredibly well this season, and no one would of thought it! I wish the Vikings made it but the end of the day, Nick Foles took them apart and schooled them Vikings. Am I excited for tonight? I'm excited for the spectacle that is the Super Bowl, but in no way am I excited to see the Brady to pick up his 6th ring, that smug SOB is someone I despise so much, as much as it pains me to admit, he is the greatest QB of all time. It's unquestionable, however if he didn't have the refs in his pocket, would his legacy really be this great?

Either way, whatever happens I am pumped for 4 hours of Gridiron action! Plus, SO happy my main man, my favourite player of all time, Ray Lewis has made it into the Hall of Fame. More than deserved! 

Who you all rooting for?

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